Have you considered changing operators to be imported from rxjs in later versions?

That decision would have been made before I joined the core team. I expect some consideration was given to it, but there are conflicts between some creators and some operators. For example, there is a merge creator function and a merge operator.

In version 6, operators with names that conflicted were deprecated. There has been some discussion regarding their being renamed to mergeWith, etc.

When said conflicts are addressed, using the rxjs location for operator exports would be a possibility. But if that isn’t done, you could likely use an intermediate file to export the two from the same location. For example:

// rx.ts
export * from "rxjs";
export * from "rxjs/operators";

… if we get a proper pipe operator …

I, too, would like a pipeline operator. After seeing your response, I had a look to see where it’s at. Unfortunately, it’s still stage 1.

RxJS core team member; front-end developer; mentor; speaker; open-source contributor

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